Gaby Vandenabeele

Gaby Vandenabeele from Renterghem, the icon of the Belgian pigeonsport for unequalled results in National, Provincial and regional middle distance and distance racing.¬†His famous WITTENBUIK is know all over the world because of the sensational winning genes he has given the international pigeonsport. No better birds in the world when races from 300 up to 800 km are involved. We did pick up from his best, like direct children from ¬†Bliksem, Rudy, Royal Blue, Kleine Wittenbuik, Neptunes, Joris, Bettini, Lion King, Little Harry……..and they do fit like a glove to the Popeyes from Jo and Florian Hendriks.

A brother and sister of the superstar PHELPS completed the Gaby collection!

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