Nationaal Freddy

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B09-5130845, NATIONAAL FREDDY,  recently sold for 25.200 euro, bred by Pros Roosen from the superstar and no. 1 producer famous FREDDY, B94-4407032, foundation cock for de Rauw Sablon , sire of Dromer, Kastaar, Blue Prins,....from the superpair B88-4733093, ANTIGOON and B88-4426810, HET KRIJT. His dam is B03-5241896, dam of 1st Provincial Gueret 1.111 birds, 4th National Gueret  14.261 birds, 7th prov. Chateauroux ....DAUGHTER NATIONAAL, B90-5335977, 1st NATIONAL BOURGES 9.759 birds, 1st ORLEANS 2.337 birds....when paired to B02-5065252, ZWART CHATEAUROUX, daughter of famous foundation cock CHATEAUROUX and nestsister BOURGESMAN. NATIONAL FREDDY's  children are breeding in our stockloft the future champions and the next generation of outstanding producers of this exceptional bloodline.


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