Gebr Janssen

Herman Beverdam JANSSENS are known worldwide ! Since 1960 Janssen Brothers pigeons from Arendonk have become the MAINSTRAIN in Herman Beverdams loft

Karel Meulemans

KAREL MEULEMANS, ARENDONK……the legacy of a fantastic strain that concurred the world, still to be found in the stocklofts of Herman Beverdam in Enter.

Bart, Luc and Jurgen Geerinckx

We guess most of you already know that the Geerinckx pigeons are among the strongest in Belgium. It was their father Luc who formed the basis for this breed with the pigeons from his neighbour Jos Soontjens

Pros Roosen

Pros Roosen the Champion of the Limburg pigeonsport unfortunately died in 2010 but he lives on in the respect for him as a fancier and man. His legacy is the strain of Roosen pigeons bred from his SUPERPRODUCERS, the world famous FREDDY, his equal the CHATEAUROUX, and their decendants.

Jos en Jules Engels

FLOR ENGELS and Sons, the best loft in Belgium in 2001! With decendants of the legendary producer “231” they won what could be won in many seasons, but the 2001 season did beat it all

G. en S. Verkerk

Gerard and Bas Verkerk’s results have been incredible in the last decades , many National Ace Pigeons and Olympiad Winners were born in their lofts. Birds of that caliber we like to introduce to our lofts.

A. en H. Reynaert

“Figo” bred and raced by Anton & Hilde Reynaert. Not only did “Figo” win 1st National Bourges from 12,266 pigeons his blood

Ad Schaerlaeckens

Ad Schaerlaeckens, fantastic racer, breeder and writer founded his family on direct Janssens, the superstud Blauwe Mattens and his hen Sissi, daughter Picanol of Gaby Vandenabeele. This pair is responsible for countless wins

Jo en Florian Hendriks

Jo and Florian Hendriks from Nijswiller, the small loft with HUGE RESULTS ! The first pigeon we did take home was Nestsister ASTERIX, October 2008, nestsister of the 1st National NPO winner Sourdun as YB in 2008. Direct daughter of no. 1 foundation cock POPEYE and MISS MATTENS.

Gaby Vandenabeele

Gaby Vandenabeele from Renterghem, the icon of the Belgian pigeonsport for unequalled results in National, Provincial and regional middle distance and distance racing. His famous WITTENBUIK is know all over the world because of the sensational winning genes he has given the international pigeonsport.