1, 2, 3, NATIONAL NPO 2014 the cherry’s on the cake of the Beverdam Racing Lofts in 2014 !!!!

Next to the numerous Championships, Ace pigeon awards and magnificent results during the the 2014 racing season, the winning of the 1st National NPO Bourges Afd. 9 was an unforgetable highlight of the 2014 season.

It was on the 21st of June that at 0.700 hours in Bourges the 5.132 birds were released to battle it out, who would be the winner of this race under the most ideal and honest conditions of the 2014 season.  A slight NE headwind and sunny weather made it tough but fair to all competitors.

On the same day the Beverdam team was competing from Quievrain, 290km and out at 08.30. The birds were expected to arrive arround noon, when suddenly a bird struck the landing board and the clock showed 11.57.44 as arrival time. Well before noon, so a very good result against 5.120 cloud be possible. It was “Dynamo” NL13-5306446, that was crowned 1st after opening the clocks later that day. The result on Quievrain already showed that the Beverdam Team was in forme and it gave high hopes for the Bourges National, in which a team of 20 specials had to fly the flag for Herman and Dennis Beverdam. Yes, you read it right 20 entered birds, so  definately not mobflying and hoping for a good result.

NL13-5306446 1e Quievrain 2014 Kring 1

Time ticked by and the first arrivals were known at 15.11, flying 590 km over 60km shorter than the Beverdam lofts in Enter. Also knowing that the longer the distance the harder the race, it was estimated that any arrival before 16.00 would be good to be in the first 10 National NPO from Bourges. Under these circumstances and having to fly 9 hours or more a real task for any pigeon.

When time was getting closer to 16.00, Herman and Dennis saw a dot closing in towards the lofts at Sportlaan 31, the lofts that have been the home of many champions. Closer to the lofts the dot disappeared behind the high neighbours oak tree and tension was felt, as was this a pigeon coming in or…..just a sparrow? Suddenly, like a rocket, “DYNA” shot pass the tree right on the loft, over the Tauris antenna and 15.54.15 was the time on the clock. With a velocity of 1.221 m/m she was in front of the shorter times, but what could the longer flyers do? Still some very good lofts and birds were in the race. Arround 16.30 it seemed clear that no other bird was faster than “DYNA”, from this famous race point Bourges. 1st National NPO Bourges 2014 was a fact ! By the way, 8th National NPO was taken by BLUE WONDER, NL11-1322523, a full brother of the famous “GHANDI” !!

NL12-5202188 1e NPO Bourges 2014

“Dyna” a decendant from Pros Roosens Freddy and Bulldozer Verkerk had cleared the job with succes. Not just a one day result! Her performances include also:

122/2.870 birds  Salbris 630 km, 153/1.100 birds  Lorris 570 km, 134/24.532 birds Morlincurt 400km , 173/12.033 birds  Nijvel 200km. With 78/2.748 birds  Sens 500km on 19-07-2014 she ended her racing carreer, Champion Ace Hen Dagfond 2014 another great achievement in her 2014 racing season.

1e NPO Bourges 2014 TXT

The the youngbirds were on their tour of duty from the 19th of July. Because of the incredible and impredicable weather conditions it was nearly every weekend a survival race. One of the reasons why is was very hard to get a team going, was the struggle for life, because of very bad weather conditions either on the course and many times in the home area. Floodrains, causing  hundreds of pigeons sitting on the roofs, waiting for a dry period to start up again to go home, all been seen from the Beverdam lofts and experienced by their birds. Herman and Dennis had their birds sharp, sharp as nives, and the National NPO YB races ( the last 3 longest distance races for YB’s ) they were back to normal business.

Nanteuil Le Hadouin 440 km on 31st of August :

1, 3, 5, 8, …..Combine Kring 1, 3.176 birds  and National NPO opening score with “NATALIE” ,   3RD National NPO, 6th with “GLADINE” , two birds in first 10 National NPO 5.186 birds !!!

NL14-1588134 Natalie 3 NPO

NL14-1588159 6 NPO

NPO Nanteuil le Haudouin 2014 TXT

Troyes National Section 3, afd. 9 North, 485 km 1.948 birds , National NPO 2nd with “TROYAN” only beaten by the section no. 3 winner of 17.000+ birds and 8th National NPO with “TROYANA” , again 2 birds in first 10 National NPO.

NL14-1588245 2 NPO

NL14-1588386 Troyana 8 NPO

NPO Troyes 2014 TXT

The Beverdam Lofts ended 1 and 2nd Overall Speed ( Speed and Middle Distance up to 450 km) in the C.C. 3 Kring 1. ( By the way Dennis started a new loft at the farm with only 24 cocks and hens and then immediately ends up 2nd ! )

1st and 3rd Youngbird Champion C.C3.  Kring 1. Also Champion Ace Youngbird.

Just a few to mention. What is more important is that in both lofts, Hermans and Dennis lofts, the decendants of the finest obtainable champions, are proving their undistputed class in the races week in week out. In the one loft races world wide they also keep up with the very best.

For the fanciers that don’t know we had to show what goes on and on, year in year out at the Beverdam Family lofts in Enter. Not only a stud with high reputation, but also proving the class of pigeons they keep and produce for many years in their own lofts.

We were happy to handle all these exceptional champions and I can tell you they were even better and in the pictures that we show you !