LAON 17-08-2013

Herman Beverdam wins Laon 363 km Federation Rayon Berg and Dal 1.024 birds, 4th Combine  5.337 birds !! his scores are :

1-3-4-5-12-13-14-18-31-34-34-37-42-56-57-72-89-94-105-115-118-123-132-159-165-171-173-179-180-181-198-256-289-298-301-324-340 (37/70d.)

The winner is NL13-5306053, FIGO TOMMEKE, daughter of INBRED FIGO, B06-3148405, bred by Anton and Hilde Reynaert from brother and sister mating of National Bourges winner FIGO ! Dam is B06-3202447, SISTER TOMMEKE, also inbred to super champion FIGO, being sister of the Provincial Champion Tommeke of Lilliane Demey. Not the first topperformer from this exceptional pair!