B08-6245445. 231 KATHY, is bred from B99-6151618, a direct son of the SUPERSTAR "231", B86-6616231, when paired to B97-3305936, daughter "WITTENBUIK", B88-3206112 and B93-3354339, "KATHY", daughter B88-3389798, "VITAL", ACE PIGEON FOND of BELGIUM and B86-3298661, "PRINSES" of Gaby Vandenabeele. His dam is B04-6231854, half-sister MARIEKE, Olympiad hen for Belgium Middle Distance Lieven France, bred from B97-6362086, SUPERKWEKER and B01-6153803, sister mother MARIEKE, daughter of B93-6529698 fantastic producer and B94-64950998, granddaughter of the legends of Engels "231' and Witte ! Out of this bloodline we have bred sensational winners and even better producers !  


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