B10-6143175, BLACK BEAUTY, sister Evita, 93rd La Souteraine 8.461 birds, 198th La Souteraine 21.258 birds, 36th Bourges 15.508 birds…super daughter of B05-6052092, Late Geschelpte, sire MissTulle 2nd Provincial Tulle 927 birds bred from B95-6278062, Geschelpte 062, ACE PIGEON Noyon 1996 and 1998 paired to B02-6354135, DIAMANTJE, 1st Vierzon 617 birds, 1st La Souteraine 291 birds, 2nd Argenton 252 birds and dam of many exceptional birds for Geerinckx. Dam of BLACK BEAUTY is B06-6413727, DONKER WILLY, dam EVITA, daughter of the superpair WITTEKOP SYLVESTER and WILLYKE. This sensational hen has produced superbirds in our loft!


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