“DYNAMO”, 1st QUIEVRAIN KRING 1. AFD. 9 2014, 5.120 BIRDS!!

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"DYNAMO", 1st QUIEVRAIN KRING 1. AFD. 9 2014, 5.120 BIRDS!! It was on the 21st of June that at 0.700 hours in Bourges the 5.132 birds were released to battle it out, who would be the winner of this race under the most ideal and honest conditions of the 2014 season.  A slight NE headwind and sunny weather made it tough but fair to all competitors. That same day the Beverdam team was competing from Quievrain, 290km and out at 08.30. The birds were expected to arrive arround noon, when suddenly a bird struck the landing board and the clock showed 11.57.44 as arrival time. Well before noon, so a very good result against 5.120 cloud be possible. It was “Dynamo” NL13-5306446, that was crowned 1st after opening the clocks later that day. The result on Quievrain already showed that the Beverdam Team was in forme ! Sire is B04-3099149, SON FIGO INDRA, bred by Anton and Hilde Reynaert, from 1st NATIONAL BOURGES 2001, CHAMPION ACE PIGEON HAFO WEST FLANDERS KBDB 2001, 3RD NATIONAL ACE PIGEON HAFO KBDB 2001, B99-3020065, FIGO, son of SCHICHT AND CRISSIE and B00-3146013, INDRA, the superstockhen from Willy Vanhoutte of Late Pieter B97-3306418, his foundation cock and B98-3194054, SISTER FIGO, KEIZER, daughter SCHICHT and CRISSIE ! FIGO INDRA has bred winners and can be considered as one of the best sons of FIGO ! Dam is B10-3047149, BETTINI LISA, bred by Gaby Vandenabeele from his superstar B03-3003335, BETTINI, 5th Blois 489 birds, 6th Chateauroux 4.930 birds, 1st Orleans 3.021 birds, 105th Limoges 9.545 birds, 2nd Arras 227 birds, …son of B01-3031007, JAMES BOND, 1st National Bourges 13.166 birds and B00-3076245, VUILKE, daughter WITTENBUIK! Dam of this magnificent hen is B04-3069722, LISA, exceptional daughter of famous B98-3158062, BLIKSEM  and B99-3103770, FRIEDA a sensational mating in Gaby’s loft.


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