EVITA, ACE YOUNGBIRD 2015 Fond Union Twente ( F.U.T. )

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EVITA, 2015 CHAMPION ACE YOUNGSTER IN PROVINCIAL LONG DISTANCE CLUB, F.U.T.. Also scoring 9th NATIONAL NPO 29TH OF AUGUST 2015 FROM NIERGNIES 334 KM AGAINST 10.610 BIRDS. ON 6TH OF SEPTEMBER ALSO 2nd PERONNE, 367 KM KRING 1 AFDELING 9 , 3.256 BIRDS ! Sire is NL13-1654901, DENG LIN’S RAZINDA, bred by C. & G. Koopman from his famous NL03-5343024, DENG LIN’S FAVORIET, 1st NATIONAL NPO ABLIS 10.609  birds, 8th Sourdun 13.426 birds bred and raced by C. &. G. Koopman from B01-6153573, KLEINE ENGELS and B01-6041468, MISS PUTTE. Dam is NL08-2049135, RAZINDA, dam to 2nd NPO Sens 6.386 BIRDS, 6TH NPO Breuil le Vert 4.564 birds, 2nd National Ace NPO Dagfond, OTIS, the sensation for Koopman in 2013 at the Million Dollar race South Africa, daughter of NL01-1135413, JASON, superproducer and foundation cock and NL06-1597157, ZINA, 2nd NATIONAL ACE PIGEON DAG FOND 2007 with 1st Chantilly 3.688 birds, 2nd Cantilly 13.008 birds, 9th Orleans 9.670 birds, 21st Blois 5.277 birds ……..daughter of NL03-5343024, DENG LIN’S FAVORITE and ANNELIES,  sister KLEINE DIRK !! The 2014 revelation in our stockloft Dam is B13-6096499, ARGENTONNEKE 499, bred by Jos and Jules Engels, from their undisputed Champion B03-6226043, DEN ARGENTON, 1st NATIONAL ARGENTON  3.942 birds and 1st PROVINCIAL ORLEANS 2.219 birds, her dam is B09-6130562, ARGENTON LIEZE, daughter of B99-6151734, DEN 34, 1st Provincial Argenton and 2nd Semi National 8.405, sire ARGENTON 03/043 and B06-6154673, LIEZE, 1st NATIONAL ZONE LA SOUTERAINE. Incredible national winning blood of the Engels family.


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