B07-5193866, FLITSFREDDY, recently sold for 20.400 euro, bred by Pros Roosen from his world no. 1 producer B94-4407032, FREDDY ,foundation cock for de Rauw Sablon , sire of Dromer, Kastaar, Blue Prins,.....from the superpair B88-4733093, ANTIGOON and B88-4426810, HET KRIJT and B01-5025701, KLEIN ASKE, superracer for Pros Roosen and dam of famous FLITS 5x 1e and also 8thNational Bourges 10.759 birds ! She is daughter the B97-5204417, ARGENTON  and B97-5204431, NEST SISTER BOURGESMAN. Many children from this unique producer are breeding in our stockloft, producing exceptional winners and breeders.


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