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B12-6323149, INTEELT SYLVESTER, exceptional son of B07-6229023,  DONKERE WITPEN WILLY,  sire  to Kraag : 8/11.001 Argenton, 24/15.508 Bourges, 56/7.017 Chateauroux and son of B02-6354241, WITTEKOP SYLVESTER, the no. 1 foundation cock and B98-6185637, WILLYKE,  superracer 1/605 Bourges Prov. 1/156 Noyon, 1/257 Quievrain, 63/9.091 National Bourges....dam of fantastic producers and winners like Super Willy, Miss Limoges, MIss Le Mans, ......... Dam of Inteelt Sylvester is B07-6229074, LOVELY, 69/16.012 Limoges, 30/6.177 birds Argenton, daughter of B06-6407360, BLACK MAGIC, brother Kraag, Miss Limoges, Miss Le Mans....son of foundation pair Wittekop Sylvester and Willyke.  Dam of Lovely is B03-6460032, VAAL BEAUTY, 3rd ACE PIGEON ZAV, 6/1.851 Melun, /1.485 Orléans, 10/1.241 Dourdan, daughter of B94-6366907, VALE PARIJS and B97-6157766, SCHOON WITPEN.


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