Joris Favorite

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NL11-1073899, JORIS FAVORITE, full sister of the 2013 NATIONAL WINNER NPO CHATEAUROUX afd. Limburg. Daughter of B08-3035038, JORIS, bred and raced by Gaby Vandenabeele and winner of 1st Argenton 5.251 birds, 1st Argenton 3.387 birds, 6th Clermont 565 birds, 9th Clermont 4.113 birds, super inbred WITTENBUIK from BLAUWE GABY, son 1st National Brive and IRON LADY, daughter BLIKSEM and BIEKE. Joris is proving himself as an exceptional breeder as he is sire and grandsire of already numerous winners, including  FIRST NATIONAL NPO CHATEAUROUX 2193!! Dam of Joris Favorite is NL07-1089221, outstanding producing hen and full sister of the superpigeons FAVORIET, NEW FAVORIET, and many more from the no. 1 pair of Jo and Florian Hendriks Nijswiller, from NL02-2126165, GOLDEN BREEDER POPEYE, sire of FAVORIET, 1st Rethel 26.447 birds, 1st Rethel 25.290 birds, 1st Reims 17.437 birds, New Favoriet 1st Sezanne 1.680 birds, 1st Sens 1.730 birds, 1st Rethel 833 birds, and many more big winners and exceptional producers. POPEYE is son of NL98-5816273, KLEINE 273, the sensational winner and NL97-5746764, KAMPIOENTJE, winner as YB from Charleville and Champion Ace YB in 1997, from de 20 and daughter OUDE DONKEREN Nic Janssen ! Dam is NL99-1444184, SYLVIE, superbreeding hen dam and granddam  of countless winners and champions bred from NL94-1973386, DONKEREN SUPERKWEKER, sire of 6th National Orleans 2.532 birds, from NL91-2831719, SUPER 19, winner 1st Montargis, 1st Orleans, 1st Orleans and NL88-2461588, daughter OUDE DONKERE Nic Janssen. Dam of Sylvie is NL96-1291903, foundation hen daughter NL89-2077029, grandson super 531 Wout Smeulders and NL89-1771082, half-sister Generaal Smeulders !


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