B08-6259149, MISS BLOIS, bred by L.B.J. Geerinckx from the superpair B04-6202012, DONKERE WITPEN WILLYKE, 1ST DOURDAN 889 b. and superproducer from the foundation pair B02-6354241, WITTEKOP SYLVESTER and B98-6185637, WILLYKE. This pair is the absolute SUPER PAIR of Belgium and incredible number of winners on all levels has been produced from their off-spring or direct. Dam is B05-6052027, MISS BLOIS, 1st Prov. Blois 1.112 birds and end endless list of more topprizes, daughter from B03-6460062, OLYPIC CHAMPION GLADIATOR and B03-6483327, daughter of the famous “062”.  WITPEN WILLYKE MISS BLOIS has already produced winners and super racers in Enter !


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