Miss Le Mans 333

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B12-6314333, MISS LE MANS 333, superb daughter of B06-6413768, BLAUWE SOUILLAC, also sire of BOLLEKE, 3rd Blois 389 birds, 37 Brive 4.4111 birds, 31st Le Chatre 5.452 birds, 64th Tulle 2.657 birds, another super decendant of B95-6278009, VALE 009 and B04-6202091, MISS SOUILLAC, 9th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Hafo 2006. Dam of Miss Le Mans 333 is B04-6202234, MISS LE MANS, 1st Le Mans 329 birds, provincial, 11th Chateauroux 2.500 birds, daughter of the foundation pair WITTEKOP SYLVESTER and Willyke !!! This sensational hen is bred from the best to producer the best !


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