B10-4326259, MISTER FLITS, bred by Pros Roosen from his super champion B04-5065636, FLITS, winner of 5x FIRST 8th National Bourges and 47 prizes of which 32 in first 10% ! He is son of B92-6451510, CHATEAUROUX, 1st Provincial Chateauroux 4.080 birds, 14th National Bourges 18.657 birds, with FREDDY the SUPERPRODUCER for Pros Roosen bred from B91-6325915 GOEDE WITPEN and B89-6270437 DONKER JANSSEN. Dam of FLITS is B01-5025701, KLEIN ASKE, superbreeding hen from B97-5204417, DEN ARGENTON, 1st Provincial Argenton, 2nd Provincial Chateauroux son NATIONAAL, B90-5335977, 1st National Bourges 9.759 birds ! Dam of KLEIN ASKE is 97-5204431, NESTSISTER BOURGESMAN, 1st Provincial Bourges 2.167 birds….daughter of COMPUTER II, 7X 1ST  ! Dam of MISTER FLITS  is B05-4045252, ISOLDE, 2nd PROVINCIAL ACE MIDDLE DISTANCE KBDB of F. & J. Vandenheede, daughter of the superpair B98-4277144, FLORALUM and B01-4383206, FORTIANA, winner from BROTHER FREDDY.


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