Popeye Gladiator 067

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NL15-1348067, POPEYE GLADIATOR, wins 1st against 9.073 birds Kring 1 afdeling 9, Heusden-Zolder 164 km, 1st  2.971 birds CC3 , 1st Rayon Berg en Dal 1.599 birds, 1st Club De Luchtbode.

Another superpigeon from the magnificent mating:

Sire is NL07-5700340, POPEYE’s TREASURE, exceptional son of the superproducer NL02-2126165, GOLDEN BREEDER POPEYE, sire of FAVORIET, 1st Rethel 26.447 birds, 1st Rethel 25.290 birds, 1st Reims 17.437 birds, New Favoriet 1st Sezanne 1.680 birds, 1st Sens 1.730 birds, 1st Rethel 833 birds, and many more big winners and exceptional producers. POPEYE is son of NL98-5816273, KLEINE 273, the sensational winner and NL97-5746764, KAMPIOENTJE, winner as YB from Charleville and Champion Ace YB in 1997, from de 20 and daughter OUDE DONKEREN Nic Janssen ! Popeye Junior is winner as YB and nest-brother of BLUE POPEYE, one of the best on the day fond and sold to GREAT WALL LOFTS for 8.200 euro. His dam is NL04-1267867, LOTTE, winner 1st Charleville 802 birds, 1st Rethel 740 birds. 9th Chiney 985 birds, 14th Mettet 930 birds, 1st Ace Pigen YB Zuid-Oost hoek , 14th WHZB Natour Duif , daughter of NL03-5304605, brother 5th National Orleans 20.000 birds and NL02-1117688, inbred Wout Smeulders hen. Dam is B10-6342732, GLADIATORA, one of the best hens ever to leave Geerinckx lofts from B03-6460062, GLADIATOR, Olympiad Cock Porto and B03-64640053, SCHOON WITPEN WILLYKE, sensational racer and breeder from B02-6354241, WITTEKOP SYLVESTER and B98-6185637, WILLYKE. 732/10 is thus full sister of YOUNG GLADIATOR , GLAMOUR, BEST SON......and also full-sister of mother ACY, Olympiad participant Budapest 2015.


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