B11-4305923, ROYAL BAK 17, EXCEPTIONAL SON OF B08-5165460, FAVORIET, fabulous racer and true favorite for Pros Roosen from B05-5133405, WITOGER FREDDY ( SON FREDDY and KLEIN ZWART) when paired to B03-5241862, WITTIKJE, also dam of BLUE PRINS, most expensive birds at the total auction of Pros Roosen sold for 156.000 euro, daughter famous CHATEAUROUX.  Dam is B06-4044497, ‘t MOOI BAK 17, bred by Marcel Aelbrecht from his foundation pair BAK 17, sire B02-4333378, FATHER WORLD FAMOUS BAK 17, full-brother to NATIONAL LUCKY ACE, son of the no.1 producer LUCKY 848, B00-4065848 and daughter DROMER, B01-4489665. Dam is B99-4365061, HEN BAK 17, sister to 1st  NATIONAL PERPIGNAN 1998 and the superstar breeder for Marcel Aelbrecht.


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