Sister Limoges

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B07-6229092, SISTER LIMOGES, 1st National Limoges 11.869 birds 2010, daughter from B05-6052111, WITTEKOP GLADIATOR, exceptional producer from famous B03-6460062, GLADIATOR, Olympiad Cock Porto and B98-6185637, WILLYKE, foundation hen of the loft and when paired to WITTEKOP SYLVESTER the no. 1 pair. WITTEKOP GLADIATOR is following the footsteps of his famous father in breeding super racers and producers, including NATIONAL WINNER ! Dam is B05-4323802, daughter of the famous CHIPO Benny Steveninck, and fullsister of 5th National Ace KBDB Middle distance ! Sister Limoges has bred outstanding birds to race, to win and to breed champions.


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