Super Argenton

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B12-6225174, SUPER ARGENTON, bred by J. & J. Engels Putte from their new foundation cock of B03-6226043, 1st NATIONAL ARGENTON 3.942 BIRDS, 1ST Provincial Orleans 2.219 birds ofJos and Jules Engels,  bred from B99-6151734, SON "178", foundationcock and son of famous "231" and B01-6153998, daughter halfbrother MARIEKE. Dam is B09-6130496, SISTER LAURA, best old bird in Nationals 2008, Bourges, Argenton, La Souteraine and Guerret, bred from B99-6151734, sire ARGENTON and B03-6226397, daughter MARIEKE! This super inbred Argenton cock has the potential to become a foundation cock in our lofts of the Engels family. His super vitality is a guarantee to succes !  


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