Super Bulldozer

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Sire is NL07-1817649, SUPER BULLDOZER, bred by Gerard and Bas Verkerk and son of NL03-1135475, CHAMPION BULLDOZER, 6th BEST COCK OF HOLLAND WHZB 2004 1st YEARLING, 4th NATIONAL ACE PIGEON LONG DISTANCE 2005, 7th Vierzon  21.984 birds, 2nd Tours 4.420 birds, 3rd Vierzon 5.615 birds, 24th Chateauroux 6.190 birds, 28th Peronne 18.869 birds, direct from BIG THUNDER, NL95-1941948, sire of a series of champions and winners, foundation cock from NL94-1465711, GROTE WOUTERS and NL93-2741665, VERBART HEN.  Dam of BULLDOZER is NL02-1635264, BUBBLES, bred by Ad Schaerlaeckens daughter from NL93-1059875, WOUNDED KNEE and NL01-1994127, VUIL BLAUW, from son ORLEANS DOFFERTJE X BEAUTY and sister INVINCIBLE. Dam is NL00-1467647, ALLISSA, direct Comb. Verbree, from NL97-5774230, ORLANDO, 1st SPORTSCLASS ALL-ROUND OLYMPIAD SOUTH AFRICA and NL99-5925980, from the best of Comb. Verbree. Unique parentage, brother to Stallion, 2nd NPO 6.664 birds, 1st 855 birds, 1st  779 birds & Sting 20th WHZB.  SUPER BULLDOZER bred  amonsgt others in our lofts NL10-1252200, 1st Arras Club and Federation by 10 minutes 2011 at 1.078m/m and the 2012 Champion Ace YB Club and Federation NL12-1214671 !


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