Supercrack Junior

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B04-3099033, SUPERCRACK JUNIOR, bred by Antoon and Hilde Reynaert from their 10x winner SUPERCRACK, B95-3263118, 1st PROVINCIAL CHAMPION HF 1996, son of DEN AS B92-3138628 and Wendy, B93-3010103, mother of provincial Champions lie Supercrack and Favoriet, 1st Prov. Champion 1997 ! Dam is B01-3076022, LENA, daughter of the famous FIGO, B99-3020065, 1st National Bourges, 3rd National Ace HF KBDB and B00-3146013, INDRA, daughter of B97-3306418 LATE PIETER and B98-3194054, SISTER FIGO and KEIZER !


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