Sylvester Junior

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B11-6226252, SYLVESTER JUNIOR, exceptional son of the world famous B02-6354241, WITTEKOP SYLVESTER, foundation cock no. 1 for L.B.J. Geerinckx, sire of a immense series of Champions and Champion producers. Dam is B10-6213130, ELEGANT BOURGSKE, fabulous daughter of B03-6460062, OLYMPIAD COCK GLADIATOR and B01-6179491, BOURGSKE. Simply the very best ever to win in Wommelgem at Geerinckx lofts ! Sylvester Junior is "the" succesfull combination of the two superstars in the Geerinckx lofts, Wittekop Sylvester and Gladiator !!    


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