Sylvie Blue Star

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B12-6314316, SYLVIE BLUE STAR, super daughter from B02-6354241, WITTEKOP SYLVESTER foundation cock and on request paired to B06-6346110, BLUE STAR, top racing hen 3rd Noyon 430 birds, 6tnh Noyon 566 birds, 5th Montlucon 1.700 birds, 8th Argenton 3.144 birds, 41st Issodun 4.627 birds, 61st Argenton 5.208 birds, 64th Argenton 5.927 birds…fabulous daughter of B97-6157666, WITPEN ORLEANS topracer/breeder winner 2x first place and B97-6157700, SCHOONBLAUW 009, nestsister Blauwe Beer from Vale 009 …foundation stock for L.B.J. Geerinckx.


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