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"TROYAN", 2nd NATIONAL NPO TROYES 2014, NORTH, 1.984 BIRDS. 480 KM. At the closing of the YB season "TROYAN", stepped forward in the hard 480 km National. Released at 11.00 'o clock, with headwinds, we all knew that the birds would have to be fast to get home before darkness. In our section with the longest distances and east of the other sections it was to be an mission impossible for many youngsters. Not for "TROYAN", when clocked at 18.50, he stood a chance of winning the NPO race.  Only beaten by the National Winner of all sections against 17.400 birds, it was a great achievent of this fantastic cock. Sire is B12-6314326, IRON WILLY, sire of 2nd National NPO Troyes 480km 2014, bred from B08-6259034, NEW IJZEREN,  full brother of LUC, 1st National, Iron Lady, from B96-6618311, BLAUWE IJZEREN and B02-6506323 EENWITPEN WILLYKE. His dam is B07-6229009, KLEIN WILLYKE, superracer and producer from the foundation pair WITTEKOP SYLVESTER and WILLYKE. Dam is NL09-1556463, LADY ASTERIX, superb racer and superproducer from NL08-1926461, ASTERIX , 1st  NATIONAL NPO SOURDUN 8.423 BIRDS, bred from NL02-2126165, GOLDEN BREEDER POPEYE, sire of FAVORIET, 1st Rethel 26.447 birds, 1st Rethel 25.290 birds, 1st Reims 17.437 birds, New Favoriet 1st Sezanne 1.680 birds, 1st Sens 1.730 birds, 1st Rethel 833 birds, and many more big winners and exceptional producers. POPEYE is son of NL98-5816273, KLEINE 273, the sensational winner and NL97-5746764, KAMPIOENTJE, winner as YB from Charleville and Champion Ace YB in 1997, from de 20 and daughter OUDE DONKEREN Nic Janssen ! Dam of Asterix and Nest-sister Asterix is USA03-1186, MISS MATTENS, bred by Mike Ganus from the famous GOLDEN MATTENS, NL91-2310369, foundation cock for Ad Schaerlaeckens and USA99-363, LUCKY STAR, daughter of NL93-4053083, HOLLYWOOD, 1st National Ace Pigeon NPO 1st 2.512 birds, 1st 2.036 birds, 2nd 5.818 birds .. and NL90-9019241, BREEDERS BEST. Dam is NL08-1926421, BEYONCE, winner 1st Isnes 4.421 birds, 1st Isnes 1.063 birds, winner of TWO CAR POULS, 2nd ACE PIGEON OF HOLLAND MOTH AUGUST, daughter of the superpair NL07-2054593, SCHONE BORGMANS, son BLAUWE SCHERPE van de “25”en DONKEROOGJE and NL03-1525404, SUPERKWEEKSTER, dam of many winners and ace pigeons, daughter of NL94-1973387, BROTHER SUPERKWEKER and NL99-1444184, SYLVIE, foundation hen ! NPO Troyes 2014 TXT  


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