Witpen Wittenbuik 231

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NL10-1252236, WITPEN WITTENBUIK 231Champion Ace Pigeon YB 2010, Club, Federation and Combine 13.208 birds, 3rd NATIONAL NPO PERONNE, 10.556 birds, bred from  B01-6526546, "WITTENBUIK 231", a direct son of the SUPERSTAR "231", B86-6616231, when paired to B97-3305936, daughter "WITTENBUIK", B88-3206112 and B93-3354339, "KATHY", daughter B88-3389798, "VITAL", ACE PIGEON FOND of BELGIUM and B86-3298661, "PRINSES" of Gaby Vandenabeele. In the Engels loft a magnificent combination from which excellent birds are produced! Dam is B02-3025844, SUPERCRACKHEN, bred by Antoon and Hilde Reynaert from their 10x winner SUPERCRACK, B95-3263118, 1st PROVINCIAL CHAMPION HF 1996, son of DEN AS and WENDY the very best of the Reynaert family. Her dam is B98-3145089, FREYA, superproducer from the PLEUTE and DAUGHTER STUDENT of Willy Vanhoutte. Full SISTER  of Witpen 231 Wittenbuik is NL07-1351233, BONTJE 233, best raced hen in 2008 AND 2009 !!! From this line every year super pigeons are bred.


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