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NL13-1785012, YOUNG ACE 2013 FEDERATION  OF 2.385 BIRDS ! Sire is NL11-5000213, GENOPTE GLADIATOR, excellent producer and great racer, son of B10-6342748, LOVELY GLADIATOR, bred by Bart, Luc and Jurgen Geerinckx from their Olympic Champion Gladiator B03-6460062 and B07-6229074 Champion Lovely, with 69th National Limoges 16.012 birds and 30th National Argenton 6.177 birds ! Dam of GENOPTE GLADIATOR  is NL10-5009045, winner 1st REIMS 1.097 birds,  daughter of NL08-1837974, BONTE VERKERK and 07-1089706, JO'S FAVORIETJE, daughter of foundation cock NO. 1 POPEYE ! Dam is B10-6252638, LEEUWINNEKE, bred by Marcel Wouters from B01-6401491, son OLD PAIR and B04-6374259, SISTER LEEUW, sister of the sensational racer "LEEUW", 8th National Ace KBDB Middle Distance, winner of no less than  5 x first in Union Antwerp!


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