Gebr Janssen

The Beverdam JANSSENS are known worldwide !  Since 1960 Janssen Brothers pigeons from Arendonk have become the MAINSTRAIN in Herman Beverdams loft. Looking back the well in Arendonk has provided countless lofts with exceptional producers. Herman Beverdam had them from the best! From the famous “BANGE ’51”, “BANGE ’59”, DONKEREN STIER ’63, HALF-FABRY, WITOGER ’65, GEELOGER ’67, MERCKX, JONGE MERCKX, “019”, SCHOUWMAN, BANGE ’67, GOEDE VOS, VOSKE VAN BOVEN, etc. Birds that have left their mark in pigeonsport worldwide ! Now legends of the past, but foremost a solid foundation to succes! In the Beverdam Racingloft you will find the best ever to leave Janssens loft!

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