Jo en Florian Hendriks

Jo and Florian Hendriks from Nijswiller, the small loft with HUGE RESULTS ! The first pigeon we did take home was Nestsister ASTERIX, October 2008, nestsister of the 1st National NPO winner Sourdun as YB in 2008. Direct daughter of no. 1 foundation cock POPEYE and MISS MATTENS. Its from these two foundation birds that we initailly were looking for and were very succesfull with. Many birds were to follow this super breeding hen. We knew of their plans to have a total auction in 2010, except for youngsters 2010 and we succeeded in bringing nearly 2 full rounds of their best producers to Enter. Its now from these birds in different combinations that we do breed winners and champions, like apples on a tree. Through Florian and Jo we were able to obtain our Freddy’s and Gaby Vandenabeeles. You can find the originals in the respective strains. The short cut to succes !

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