Lion King Tessa

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B13-3056174,  LION KING TESSA, bred by Gaby Vandenabeele from his LION KING, B09-3095111, 1ST Provincial Tours 2.045 birds, 3rd Bourges 2.054 birds, 16th Argenton 19.816 birds, 1st Orleans 682 birds…….son of the sensational pair B99-3199708, NEPTUNUS and DAUGHTER CHAMPION. The pair that also bred SPY winner of 120.000 us$ at the SCMDR !! LION KING TESSA is inbred as his dam is B10-3047084, TESSA, super daughter of B99-3199708, NEPTUNUS, he won by the way 2nd Ruffec 1.600 birds, 8th Chateauroux4.221 birds and B04-3047084, SISTER TSUNAMI, exceptional daughter of BLIKSEM and MANUELA. Without any doubt will LION KING TESSA breed new stars in our ace and breeding team. Inbred NEPTUNUS……., bred from WOLFGANG, brother of Stier, Turbo and halfbrother WITTENBUIK!


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