Bart, Luc and Jurgen Geerinckx

“We guess most of you already know that the Geerinckx pigeons are among the strongest in Belgium. It was their father Luc who formed the base of their breed with the pigeons from his neighbour Jos Soontjens. This was a direct hit, these pigeons formed the base for a superior sprint team for years. Later on he successfully switched to the middle distance and the grand middle distance competition. The real breakthrough came in 2004 as the Geerinckx breed was awarded as first National Champion Yearlings KBDB. The successful bloodlines of Gladiator, Willyke and Wittekop Sylvester turned this into a famous pigeon family and the Geerinckx pigeons became very popular even outside of Belgium. Their popularity further increased as they won more provincial first prizes and of course their national victories are mind blowing.”

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